KM Cosmetics presents ALTITUDE, the brand of my personal beauty & fashion experiences amassed over a lifetime. My titles have included: Fashion Model, World Traveler, and now Beauty Consultant.  Time spent in the modeling industry developed an appreciation for both classical and acquired beauty along with an understanding of makeup artistry. Hundreds of thousands of airline miles both domestic and abroad have exposed me to products across the world honing my ability to identify high quality, well-made product.     


KM Cosmetics has spent the last five years securing a brand that can deliver the standard personally expected from every product. Quality ingredients make our products perfect for all skin types and ethnicities.  We encourage you to explore the different offerings within this line and identify the products suiting your specific needs.  


A brand dedicated to making every customer feel their absolute best whether climbing 10,000 feet above the clouds or soaring around their neighborhood.  ALTITUDE is for the woman with a particular taste, attention to detail and sense of style. A women looking for perfection whenever she touches the runway to limitless opportunities. 


Welcome and enjoy your flight.